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About Us

Besty Gin is a gin infused with our own raw honey, a bit of Marula, bringing the unique character of that golden nectar into a more ‘adult’ setting. As our bees forage around the Limpopo Valleys , we are proud to know that some of that goodness is going to make the perfect gin & tonic. Made using raw honey from our hives in Limpopo.

Our Favorite Besty Gin Cocktails

The Bees Knees

The Bee’s Knees is a classic Prohibition-era cocktail made with gin, lemon and honey. It’s brightly flavored, lightly sweet, and just an overall delightful drink—hence the name.


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The Apiarist Gin

The Apiarist Gin delivers rich, sweet honey notes balanced with vibrant lemon and dry tea flavours. The gin is underpinned with a base of peppery juniper, earthy and rooty notes and gingery spice that lingers in the warming finish. 

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English Garden Cocktail

Besty Gin, elderflower, cucumber; quintessentially British ingredients that are perfect for creating a refreshing summer cocktail. English garden is really easy to make , just multiply the ingredients by the number of people you want to serve

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Everything From Scratch

This is a natural product, we do not use additives of any kind and the honey that goes into the gin is raw and unfiltered. As a result, some batches may appear a slightly different colour (we distill on taste not look), and there may be a slight cloudiness to some batches which comes from the pollen in our honey.

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