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Besty Gin

Besty Gin is a gin infused with our own raw honey, a bit of Marula, bringing the unique character of that golden nectar. Bottled at 43% Abv.
Available in 500ml bottle.
Botanicals: Juniper Marula Infused with:Honey

Shipping & Delivery Info

The Courier Guy will handle shipping and delivery at a flat rate fee of R85.00 through out South Africa.


Product Description

Special Notes

This is a natural product, we do not use additives of any kind and the honey that goes into the gin is raw and unfiltered. As a result, some batches may appear a slightly different colour (we distill on taste not look), and there may be a slight cloudiness to some batches which comes from the pollen in our honey.

The product should be kept away from direct sunlight (to avoid colour change) and not in the fridge where the honey content may crystallize. These are only cosmetic changes and do not impact on the taste or quality of our gin.


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